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A Year of Celebrations: January $1.00
Publisher: Healing Fireball
by JK R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/30/2011 05:50:30

This booklet is the first of a series, each covering possible celebrations and other atmospheric information to cover one month of the year. It is ten pages long (not counting the cover and contents page) and comes in both a colour and a printer-friendly B&W version. The colour version includes interior artwork, consisting of public domain images of early Victorian life.

Most fantasy worlds, in my experience, do not use the Gregorian calendar, or even a close variant of it, which means that the product will probably require some adaptation to use in such a game. That's unavoidable, of course, given the profusion of possible calendars out there, and its easy to transplant the celebrations provided to wherever they would fit in your own calendar.

This booklet provides four celebrations, based around the concepts of the dead of winter, and of the New Year. (The latter, of course, may also vary in fantasy worlds - many real world cultures consider the year to start at the beginning of spring, and this is also a popular choice in the published fantasy settings I've looked at). Each includes details of the celebration itself, generic notes on its history, and advice on how they might apply to characters working as entertainers.

The celebrations are fairly generic, and easily adaptable to any game world that actually has a winter season. They seem to assume a fairly low level of ambient magic, but that's probably not a bad default. There's also a one page summary of the month, and although not really providing anything you couldn't find on Wikipedia, it makes sense to include this to set the scene.

The booklet rounds out with some general advice on how to incorporate festivals into your games, which one hopes will not be repeated too much in the later supplements.

All in all, if you want to add a few celebrations to your game to enhance the atmosphere or to serve as plot hooks for your PCs, this is a pretty handy source of ideas, and not bad for $1.

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A Year of Celebrations: January
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