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Scenes of the Embrace $2.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Frank F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/06/2011 09:47:51

When I first got the New World of Darkness, about the only thing that I was not all that thrilled was the change from Nature/Demeanor to Virtue/Vice. While it was by no means a dealbreaker, I still preferred to older system in that respect. However, Monica Valetinelli's Scenes of the Embrace has me definetly rethinking my earlier reservations. Scenes of the Embrace is an excellent guide on how to use the Vices to motivate and drive scenes in Vampire the Requiem chronicle. In this case, the book concentrates on the intial Embrace and how it is driven by the Sires Vices. There are also guidelines for how each Covenant might react as well as some advice on using the game system to present the story. All done in an enjoyable and easy to read style. Finally, this book is more than just for VtR. These concepts can translate easily enough into the other NWoD books. Consider Scenes as a guidebook for how to use the Virtue/Vice system to add additional drama to your storytelling. At $2.99, it's an incredible bargain and a great resource for all Storytellers.

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Scenes of the Embrace
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