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Champions Villains Volume Three: Solo Villains
Publisher: Hero Games
by Stu V. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/06/2010 17:24:27

I've been preparing to run some Hero 6th Ed convention games lately, and I've found that collections like the Villains and Bestiary books are almost indispensable.

Being new to the system, I don't have a vast collection of bad guy NPCs from previous games that I can draw upon in a pinch, so if the party does something unexpected, I can get caught flat-footed.

Villains Volume 3 includes more than 120 Superheroic Villains arranged in alphabetical order by name. Each includes background information, notes on personality, motivation and tactics.

Now, the biggest hurdle that was stopping me from running a Champions game is gone. Making a bunch of superheroic villains can be a daunting task. Now I can spend time on the story.

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