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The Manor of Deceit 4E $0.00
Publisher: Blackbyrne Publishing
by Aaron H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/30/2010 11:55:04

This adventure is not truly hack-and-slash but it is combat heavy and filled with combat encounters. Players looking for more role-playing opportunities may be turned away, but the overall storyline is well done and interesting. The Manor of Deceit fits very well with the Dungeons & Dragons 4E system and is a great way of running lower level characters.

The illustrations and maps found within The Manor of Deceit are fantastic! The printable battlemaps are full color and include the 1″ grid. For easier running of the adventure, smaller representations of these maps are included throughout. The layout is very professional and each encounter is properly described and detailed.

The storyline contained throughout is typical Fantasy styled with a purpose and keeps the party moving forward. There isn’t much substance to the storyline itself, but it fits in well with D&D 4E.

This rating is based on the overall quality of the adventure and the general interest of wanting to play without considering what style of play is desired. For those looking for an adventure with more social interaction, this is not it. Or for those looking for a true hack-and-slash adventure, this is not it either. The Manor of Deceit lies somewhere in-between with a lot of combat encounters and an overall storyline that has a purpose. This rating is based on a comparison of this adventure versus those of a similar style.

Blackbyrne Publishing has produced a very high-quality adventure module filled with great combat encounters and a well-written storyline. The full-color printable battlemaps enhance the value of the adventure module and the PDF itself. The module could benefit from further narrative on the setting and the storyline, but it doesn’t detract from the overall quality as the DM could easily come up with their own ideas.

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The Manor of Deceit 4E
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