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System Book 1: Katringa $5.99
Publisher: Spica Publishing
by Daniel H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/30/2010 01:29:48

SB1: Katringa is after reading and digestion of its data, a complete campaign within in a single star system, a perfect example of the best way to look at Traveller--in detail, and not in the older-cut-n-paste Truckstop starport two paragraph world description.

The stellar data and hard science is first rate, and woven into the fabric of the people's lives and their culture is a rather unique take on time-keeping, and how it impacts the lives of all there as juxtaposed to older simpler 24-7 hour/day schedules, which occur rarely beyond the Terra (Earth) system. Kudos to Dr Constantine Thomas & Mr Richard Hazelwood for bringing this "to life".

Mr. Hazelwood has with the ethnic background also given us a different human culture for a small Non-Industrial world's colonists, complete with dozens of plot hooks and ideas looking at how Tribal identity and politics matures, and changes, and yet still dominates even in modernity the political outlook of the colonists here!

5 Stars ***** hands down, a Must-have for writers, GMs, and players for the game Traveller here in the 21st century.

sincerely, Liam Devlin/ aka SSG Daniel W. Hammersley

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