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Battlefield Evolution: World at War
Publisher: Mongoose
by Abel P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/08/2010 18:49:01

I couldn't agree with Tim Coombes more! I bought the rules after reading the free dev pack download rules, which I was going to use with the Back of Beyond supplement Agis published a few months ago. Now, you're probably thinking "Why would you pay for a ruleset that's free (albeit, without the pretty photos)"? Simple answer: The set is very nicely prepared, the rules are easy to play, but involved enough to challenge you, they're very well supported by A.D. Publishing and most importantly, to me, anyway, THEY'RE FUN!!!! And when I can, I support the hobby by spending my money to continue the Excellent support like this ruleset has!

I'd forgotten how much FUN wargaming really is! Great Job, Agis!! You've made me believe in the hobby again!

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Battlefield Evolution: World at War
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