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Land of Eight Million Dreams
Publisher: White Wolf
by Midori H. Date Added: 12/17/2005 16:33:43
Not a bad book, though the quality of the content varies. The hsien, or Asian fae, are very intriguing, and display a lot of promise. However, Land of Eight Million Dreams eschews the familiar Arts and Realms system of Changeling in favor of a new magic system with a dizzying array of possible modifiers that add or subtract dice rather than raising or lowering the target number. The book also could have been better edited - a number of passages tell the reader to "refer to the character sheet," but the *is no character sheet in the book!* There are some good ideas here, but they're overshadowed by less than stellar execution. It's not bad, but it could have been much better.

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Land of Eight Million Dreams
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