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69 Science Fiction Weapons Clipart Pack $7.00 $4.99
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
by Eric T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/12/2004 00:00:00

Very disappointing, despite the reduced price. The images are created in a 3D modelling program that appears to be Bryce, and are consequently very poor resolution (72 dpi, completely unsuitable for any kind of print-based application). The images themselves aren't terribly suitable for a web-based use, either: they're very blocky and jagged, and in some cases poorly designed: a quick sampling of the rifles and pistols shows a number of items that are little more than blobs with a texture. An interesting notion, though: it may be worth it to develop a product like this using a vector-based illustration program--bona fide usable SF clip art. Hmmm....

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Creator Reply:
All completely legitmate objections--I must sheepishly admit that I didn't yet know what I was doing when I first released this product. Hopefully we've managed to address most of these concerns with the new edition. Now all the images are 300 dpi, suitable for print and we've ruthlessly pruned all the images that didn't seem to make the grade (that's why the title is now "69 Science Fiction Weapons" instead of "99 Science Fiction Weapons"). My aplogies to Mr Trautman and to anyone else who felt shortchanged by the original product. And thanks for your patience. I know this update was a long time coming.
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69 Science Fiction Weapons Clipart Pack
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