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Wild Talents: Blood of the Gods Pay What You Want
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by dogan o. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/12/2010 11:05:03

Blood of the gods is addon to the excellent Wild Talent game from Arcdream. This product makes a great job of tweeking the general rules into something that has the look and feel of the great Heroes of the Illiad and the likes. The powers given in the book have been constructed with the flavor of ancient greece history but also with the idea that they come from the gods and are somewhat linked to the different aspects of the gods. That means that heroes will not be able to just take any funkadelic supapowa that comes to their mind, no they will have to abid to the nature of their blood and their patronage. But the book doesn't stop there, although it is only about 36 pages long, we do get a decent amount of tips of life in ancient greece and the global political situation. The Olympians gods are all described with their history and their domains of powers and prediliction. The bestiary covers up most of the beasts of legends so this is also very handy.

For me Blood of the gods is a very god toolbox from which I will be picking a lot of things to build my own campaign setting in ancient greece.

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