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The Genius Guide to Dream Magic $3.99
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2010 14:35:42

This product is 16 pages long. Page 1 and 2, cover and introduction, with talk about which spells in the PFRPG should have the Dreaming subtype.

2 pages about the dreamscape a demi plane of dreams. It talks about the plane with a small section on how to get there and two paragraphs about what types of creatures could be found there.

Little bit over one page of spell lists. 5 pages of new spells, there is 13 new spells.

The next part is new options with 3 pages. Sleep Domain, Dreamscape bloodline, Nightmare specialist(a wizard that focuses on fears)

It finishes with 2 pages for dreamscape template and Nocnista template. Two different templates to give to monsters found in the dreamscape plane. The rest is taken up with suggested reading and viewing.

With the final page being credits and the OGL.

Closing thoughts. I really really liked this book, I liked most of the spells and the quality of production and work is what one has come to expect from Otherworld Creations. The art goes from fair to good. My biggest complaint about this is... it doesn't go far enough. It is like a appetizer to a fine meal, but there is no entree. It is a good read but just feels a bit incomplete, it left me really wanting to know more about the dreamscape and for more magic. What spells there are is good, but I wanted to see magic and a section on fighting in the dreamscape or invading other peoples dreams, etc. Just more of what there was. If you like the topic of dream planes or magic then you will like this book but likely end up like me, left wanting more. That shouldn't discourage you from buying it, it is still a very good buy. I just think this topic would have been better suited to at least a 32 page product if not more. So I am giving it a 4.5 star rating. It's very good but I think it could have been better with more pages.

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