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101 2nd Level Spells (PFRPG) $5.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2010 14:21:19

101 2nd level spells by Rite Publishing.

This product is 30 pages long. First two pages is taken up by cover and credits page.

Next it gets into spell lists by class. I will list each class and how many spells they get. (4 pages) Bard – 30 Cleric – 29 Druid – 27 Paladin – 14 Ranger – 15 Wizard/Sorc – Will break this up by spell school. Abjuration – 5 Conjuration – 9 Divination – 5 Enchantment – 5 Evocation – 9 Illusion – 11 Necromancy – 15 Transmutation – 15

The next section is spell descriptions, some of the spells are also listed as higher level for other classes. Example Amber Globes is a 2nd level Wiz spell but also a 3rd level Druid spell. This section takes up the bulk of the book.

Some of the spells do similar things to existing spells but in a new and interesting way, like Chaotic Bolt(it does 2d4 dmg and last 1 round per 3 levels and does a random energy type dmg). Others are the polar opposite of current spells, like Bears Curse which lowers Con instead of raising it.

While others are new like Contingent Light Healing, this is a cure light wounds that doesn't cast until the target takes damage. It last 1 min per level. Personally I would have liked to have seen that raised to 10 mins a level. Plus it is not clear if the spell casts at the end of the time limit or not, if no damage was taken. Not that it is likely to matter most times but if cast on someone who was only missing a hp or two it could matter.

A few spells that caught my attention. Dimensional Hop – short range slightly limited dimension door. Dire Form – Can turn a familiar or animal companion into a dire version, for a short bit. (+4 str/con and a few other bonuses) Examine Coffin – lets the caster see a brief glimpse inside of a coffin. Flexarmor – raises dex bonus and lower skill check/spell failure of armor for a short while. Hex of Chaos – It gives a new random curse each round for X rounds or until discharged. (some curses stop the process the more potent ones) Intercept Attack – immediate action spell that causes all damage from a attack to a ally to be applied to you instead. Nightsnare – single target sleep spell not limited by HD. Subduing Ray – It does only subdual damage. Wall of Shadow – blocks sight threw wall and passing threw it can cause entanglement.

It finishes with 2 pages of OGL and ad.

Closing thoughts. I like the book, the art is fair to good. The spells for the most part are very well done. There was a few that I wasn't positive on like Contingent Light Healing where it could have been more clear. Plus like last time there is a couple of spells I think are strong and a few weak. But the vast majority are good and part of my feeling might be based on taste. I am sure some I wasn't fond of others would like. For those looking for new spells for their games at 4.99 I recommend this product. With the few minor errors I am giving this a 4 star. Side note, unless I miscounted twice there is actually a couple more than 101 new spells. I believe I counted 105.

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101 2nd Level Spells (PFRPG)
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