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Publisher: Troll Lord Games
by Ben G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/25/2010 10:30:30

Harvesters is billed as an RPG for all ages, and they recommend players be six or over. After my 7 year old daughter went decidedly nuts over the hard copy I had in my bag, I'd have to say the folks at Troll Lord Games are on to something.

Based on the Castles & Crusaders system, which runs on the Siege Engine, which is based on the OGL - Harvesters is firmly grounded in a long line of RPG wisdom. You could look at this game as a boiled down version of D&D 3.5. It's got all the basics, but framed in the point of view of small woodland creatures and simplified to the point where kids will be able to participate.

Harvesters includes everything you'll need to run a game in the world of Wheat Hollow. There's enough to create a number of different characters based on class/race (with races like Squirrel and Otter). The Castle Keeper (C&C speak for GM) has at their hands a number of monsters, bad guys and NPCs as well as a complete adventure in this book. Also contained within are a number of full color maps and a nice character sheet.

While they do bill this as a game for the whole family, an adult or older child will need to interpret rules for the younger set.

Overall the book is well written and well organized. Most of the artwork is good but some leaves a bit to be desired. The maps are nice, use a hex grid to display 15' areas but print out to small for the use of miniatures, if that's your thing. Lastly, the book at it's current price strikes me as a little pricey for a 66 page PDF. Still, this reads easy, has my 7 year old very excited to try out her first RPG and would be easy for an experienced RPG player/GM to pickup and run in an evening. Someone new to RPGs wouldn't be intimated by this and could be running after a day or two of reading.

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