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58 Dungeons 36 Castles (AoV: Campaign Map Set Value Pack) $12.95 $9.95
Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by Erathoniel W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/19/2010 13:25:22

This is a very simple product. It's maps. And they're fairly well thought-out.

I don't notice any glaring issues, however, I should note that these maps are extremely retro-styled. I don't mind it, but if you're used to fancy pants stuff, this may not be your cup of tea.

The only gripe: .jpg's get more and more lossy the more you save 'em, and it's obvious on the colored world maps.

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Creator Reply:
As mentioned in description these are old school maps. Do view them for yourself to see if they are right for you. SSD is now making much higher quality maps, hence we are offering some of are older work in this "value" pack, (See Moon Dragon Inn for examples of our newer maps.)

The B&W detailed dungeon/castle maps were inserted into PDF as 2 color bitmaps. (So they are as crisp as possible for this format/medium.) In contrast, the color regional maps were converted "once" from a digitally remastered bitmaps into a JPEG and should print out as you see them in the preview. What this reviewer refers to as multiple over saves of JPG is actually a result of the remastering process. (This map was enlarged to 4 times its original size.)

“Everything” was redrawn at bitmap level with the exception of some of the mountain lines. Mountains were edited, but many of the thicker lines and were allowed to stay, hence giving the impression of multiple saves. Since mountains are gray and have shadows this was not considered an issue, and it does not distract from either the detail or ambience of the regional maps. All roads, cities, dungeons, temples, rivers, waterfalls, and labeling text, does printout neatly and clearly. This regional map does look very nice, and is very functionally, at least according to the two dozen players who use it in my games. Enough said.
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58 Dungeons 36 Castles (AoV: Campaign Map Set Value Pack)
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