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Rolemaster Rome Paper Miniature Set $10.00
Publisher: Arion Games
by Stuart M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/20/2010 08:10:40

Firstly, this is NOT just for Rolemaster of course but, this (and the other paper miniature sets) does neatly support the Rolemaster Rome release. These are the first paper miniatures I've bought and based on the quality (and number) I will definitely be buying more. The number of figures in a range of occupations is impressive and the efforts to make them historically appropriate, to be applauded.

My only quibble, is the lack of generic "citizen" figures that would be suitable for characters. I certainly have all the figures I need for virtually every low to mid level NPC I will need. There are also a number of Rolemaster-fitting monster figures too.

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Rolemaster Rome Paper Miniature Set
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