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Ultimate Toolbox
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Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
by Ward M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/16/2010 21:20:51

"Utlimate Toolbox" published by AEG, 400 pgs. black & white. PDF format

This product consists of random lists divided into seven chapters (plus one appendix.) Each chapter covers a different aspect of campaign design. (See the free sample for a table of contents)

The good:

1) Some of the tables are quite inventive and helpful: twenty ways to describe a room other than saying "it's empty"; twenty ways to introduce the PC's that don't involve meeting a tavern; and a blank chart called 'twenty good uses for a gnome' are my favorites.

2) a relative lack of spelling errors, which is something unusual in the PDF's I have bought lately.

3) The PDF is twenty USD cheaper than the dead tree version.

The bad:

1) Each page of the PDF has a background stationery pattern, which will kill you if you try to print this book out yourself.

2) For some unexplained reason, the "How to use this chapter" page is at the end of each chapter. (It would make more sense to me if this were at the beginning of the chapter.)

The Ugly:

The PDF is four hundred pages long and has no hyperlinks. Even if it just allowed jumps from chapter to chapter, it would be better than nothing at all. Throw me a bone here!

Overall impression:

I bought this book because everyone kept telling me the sun rose and set around it. If you suffer from brain cramp or writer's block, this book is sure to jar something loose. This book isn't the center of the universe, as some people insist, but it is a very interesting book with good ideas.

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Ultimate Toolbox
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