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AoV: Volondor: The City $7.95
Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by Brian W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/04/2010 21:40:01

I got this city map set because my players were sick and tired of wilderness and dungeon encounters and wanted to do some real role-playing in a real city. This city set was the biggest most detailed one I could find. It took me about an hour to print it out and tape all the maps together. I think they look great. My players think they look great. These maps make tracking a character's progression through town a simple task. I make them use their miniatures to mark where their characters are as they do things throughout the city. The castle map area is easy to read and has enough detail that I can easily describe things to my players using just the map. The full color Midlands map is also very nice. It shows various cities, towns, and dungeons. I am thinking of investing in some other map sets from this publisher to help out with describing all the other cities and dungeons that are shown on the DM map. I can't think of anything worth nitpicking about in this city set. It is pretty much everything I expected it to be based on the publisher's description and preview. I think any DM who wants to create and run a big city adventure would probably like this city set. I know I do. :)

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AoV: Volondor: The City
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