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Dragon Age RPG, Set 1 $29.95 $17.95
Publisher: Green Ronin
by Geoffrey G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/15/2009 16:52:11

The reviews by Misters Collins and Semmes seem to be accurate in extremes. The amount of fluff in this game makes it an excellent purchase to add additional information to any homebrew or other system inport that you would want.

However, if your wish is to use the system as present, I'm afraid that I can not recommend this purchase. The system removes too much of what made Origins a great game, all in the name of super-simplicity. Gone are the abilities and spells from Origins. A level 1 two-handed warrior in this game is mechanically the same as a level 1 dual wield warrior and a level 1 sword and board warrior, with nothing to differentiate them. No more shield slams, no more heavy hits or sweeps. Even the spells are also slim, with only 18 spells total listed, taken seemingly randomly from the spell trees of Origins.

In conclusion, if you're buying this for fluff, its almost worth the buy. If you're buying this to actually play this game, avoid it. Its lack of the stuff that made Origins such a great game. Maybe when they've released set 2 and 3 and made it a complete game it can be recommended, but until then avoid the game.

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Dragon Age RPG, Set 1
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