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Dragon Age RPG, Set 1 $29.95 $17.95
Publisher: Green Ronin
by David B. S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/15/2009 14:53:47

In what seemingly is becoming a popular trend, the Dragon Age RPG- Set One, is based upon the Dragon Age video game. Having played the video game, I must admit that I had pretty high standards for this RPG, created by Green Ronin.

Set One comes with 3 PDF files; a Player's Guide; a GM's guide; and a map of the Ferelden area. The map is beautifully drawn, in color, with just enough detail to draw player's into the setting, and lacking just enough detail to give a GM plenty of room to add his or her own creative touches.

The Player's Guide gives a nicely done overview of the different cultures populating the game world, along with solid historical flavoring. There are plenty of names and places to make players feel as though they are travelling in a well-thought-out world. The layout of the PDF makes it a pleasure to read, with nice artwork throughout. And I must add that the bookmark feature is nicely implemented.

Character creation is typically done, with a few twists to make things interesting for gamers who aren't new to this sort of thing. The 3d6 system is something we all have seen before, but is, in my opinion, a solid choice. It shouldn't take players too long to make characters and get a game up and running. There aren't a TON of choices to make, when creating a character, but I get think that is the point. While reading through the Player's Guide, I saw opportunities to add 'House Rules' for GM's wanting abit more detail. But then again, this is just Set One! (Hopefully we will see, along with other things, MANY more spells made available in the future!)

The Gm's Guide is fairly straight foreward, in that it gives various tips on creating adventures, interpreting rules, treasure, and creatures. I will say that the 'tone' of both the GM Guide, and the Player's Guide are very conversational and easy to read. And that is a big plus! Nothing is worse than having a book or PDF that you hate to read because of horrible layout and organization!

In closing, the Dragon Age RPG is a solid system, ripe for additional modules, classes, races, and magic (including Blood Magic!). The 3d6 system it uses is simple and gets the job done. Even if you are using another gaming system, the rich history and culture of Ferelden is fantastic.

Good gaming!

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Dragon Age RPG, Set 1
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