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Future Armada: Orion $8.50
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by Jenette D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/21/2009 00:20:15

Another incredible star ship for the future armada collection that is arguably the most impressive one yet.

Multiple pdfs cover the Orion itself in complete detail (both color & B&W) in excellent resolution with the bridge crew officer detailed as an added bonus.

Also of note is the ships fighter, shuttle, escape pod, and tank complement, all of which are fully detailed and beautifully rendered with complete stats.

The Orion itself has everything one could possibly expect inside such a grand vessel, from med bays, rec rooms and hangars; to crew quarters a science lab and even quartermaster section, all laid out in minute detail in a logical realistic design.

All in all this is the best carrier deck plans I've seen for an rpg product, bar none.

Quality of artwork: Extremely Satisfied Quality of writing: Very Satisfied Value for Price Paid: Extremely Satisfied

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Future Armada: Orion
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