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Feats 101 (PFRPG) $5.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/01/2009 12:50:46

After eagerly reading through Feats 101 this morning, I wanted to send it to other publishers who are making books of Feats to show them how it is done. Feats 101 is a true feats supplement for the Pathfinder System. The 30 page supplement is neatly filled with 101 feats to enhance your characters. It is the best book of feats released for the system so far.

Feats 101, written by Steven D. Russell and published by Rite Publishing, is delicately laid out. A feat table precedes the feat listing, listing the feats in alphabetical order, with exception for feat chains, which are listed with their preceding feat. The table is written very concisely. Whereas many feat books attempt to save space by briefly, and often inaccurately, posting a blurb description of the feat in such a table, Feats 101 goes the extra mile of including at least a two sentence explanation of the feat function. Not to be outdone, the layout also includes useful bookmarks that allow the reader to navigate by alphabet.

I touched briefly on it earlier, but the writing of clearly needs to be emphasized. With a good many of the feat related material released for Pathfinder, I can tell that a few of the feats were pulled from the OGL world. With Feats 101, it felt like the writer clearly thought about the Pathfinder system, and wrote them specifically for the system. Sure we have seen many similar feats in the OGL world, the writer goes a mile to distinguish them and make the book worth the purchase. The writer even introduced four new types of feat types that are inherently designed for the Pathfinder system. Combat Maneuver feats take advantage of the Combat Maneuvers, Bonded Feats enhanced bonded animals, Talent Feats are feats taken at 1st level that help define a character and Spell-Touched Feats provide magical powers to characters.

For the Player There are only two spell touched feats, but, boy are they a nice. One allows players to redirect spells; the other allows players to avoid certain energy spells. Players who like sorcerers will enjoy using the new sorcerer bloodline feats. I like the idea of the draconic bloodline influencing the energy of the spells cast.

For the Dungeon Master If you’re making creatures with character levels, particularly sorcerer, the bloodline feats allow you to inject a bit more flavor into them. I also enjoyed several new Metamagic feats that allow energy spells to take on additional effects like Freezing a target or causing acid to seep through armor.

The Iron Word This is the only complete feat book I have allowed in my campaign, and I consider myself a strict DM. Feats 101 contains feats that enhance characters mechanically and flavorfully without overshadowing the other players. If this is an example of the type of supplements Rite Publishing is going to produce for Pathfinder, we can look forward to more products.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks Nathan for taking the time to do the review (and so quickly after its release too, This really made my day. Steve Russell
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Feats 101 (PFRPG)
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