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Supernatural Adventures
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/28/2009 13:06:15

Supernatural plots can be summed down to episodic adventures where the detectives get to kill the bad guys instead of taking them to jail. There is always a complication to the straight forward approach the Winchester brothers take and, usually, they manage to overcome this complication.

Supernatural Adventures brings five stories attempts to mimic this formula, however, there just feels like something is missing.

Supernatural Adventures provides five unrelated adventures for you to run your Supernatural RPG group through. The 96 page PDF is well bookmarked, and very well laid out. As these are mystery stories, it is hard to describe them without giving too much away. Red Ghost finds the characters in the desert researching a mysterious murder, Transmutations has the characters helping out a mutual friend in a bad situation, Hell Hounds has the PCs mowing down DMs and helping out a stranger, His Lesser Half is a straight forward location chase as you track a dark evil and Synchronicity revolves around the PCs and another hunter.

Each adventure is broken up into Acts, which are broken up into scenes. The author does a nice job of separating out what the problem is, how the PCs may solve it and what the role of the Gamemaster is. The adventures themselves are solid, but lack the spookiness I want in my Supernatural game. The Red Ghost in particular felt like a Scooby Doo episode as opposed to a deadly adventure. All of these adventures need more dead bodies to emphasize the threat of the evil.

In addition to more dead, Supernatural Adventures lacks any pregenerated characters , a standard in any adventure book. Though there are a few handouts in the game, two more per adventure would have been even better. Especially considering that most of the adventures are research and the players deserve a payoff.

The Game Master Each adventure is exceptionally organized. I found them all easy to read through and run. The adventure the best captured the feel of Supernatural was His Lesser Half. I also ran Transmutation but had to do a lot of work to it to make it creepier.

The Iron Word Supernatural Adventures supplements the Core Supernatural book well. The adventures are well organized and paced, but lack the darkness of some of the stronger episodes of the show. It also lacks player characters which means a bit more work for the gamemaster.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review!

We've been thinking of a web enhancement for the book that includes pregenerated characters. The free quickstart, in the meantime, does provide four pregens: the Winchester brothers, as well as newcomers Daniel and Jenny. This group of four would be ideal for the five scenarios in Supernatural Adventures. In addition, we're planning to release sheets for the GhostFacers (the reality TV rookies from the show), and potentially Jo Harvelle and Ash.
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Supernatural Adventures
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