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Midnight Chronicles Package $14.95
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Robin U. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/26/2009 06:02:31

Firstly, I have to say that the film has very impressive production values for the budget. Not only is this a remarkably pretty film, and you can tell it's a labour of love, and since this is one of the best settings for D&D to ever come out, and definitely one that deserves updating to 4e, I'm going to feel really bad for bringing up the following:

The file format is the 'apple-only' .mov type. I had never heard of such a thing, but it meant I had to use VLC to play it. Not a roadblock to watching it, but unhelpful- doubly so since it meant I had a lot trouble streaming it to the Xbox to watch it on the TV.

This film is terrible and feels like it has nothing to do with Midnight. Sorry, but it's just a waste of time - and it's not just a poor film, but a poor Midnight film. The whole story misses what I felt were the most interesting elements of the RPG setting in favour of, ultimately, a bad monster movie. It has a painfully disjointed pace that makes the whole film drag, and beyond a few scenes which are interesting, I found myself not caring one bit what happened next. You get the impression that there's a larger story going on, but it's infuriating that your not told any of it and have to assume the reasoning behind most of the plot. The main flaw in the film, though, is the characters. While the acting is OK, the characters obediently shuffle through the obvious plot to its conclusion, making decisions almost entirely for plot purposes. Also, some characters and character abilities get conveniently forgotten to make things more dramatic.

And finally I won't spoil anything, but if every sprawling dungeon, library and bottomless-chasm-with-rickety-rope-bridge was really under that town, the whole place should have collapsed inward years ago.

On the plus side, I get an original 4e Midnight adventure and the original game in PDF, which was definitely appreciated. I haven't looked through the adventure properly, except to gasp in horror at the vardatch weapon stats, but anything new for a Midnight RPG is awesome.

tl;dr: The frustrating afternoon I spent allowing the file to be watched on the TV was wasted by the film itself. Avoid.

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