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0one's Black & White: Bandits' Trail $1.99
Publisher: 0one Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/19/2009 11:07:02

In customary style, 0one Games present a fine bandit's lair complete with details of how the bandits live, conduct their banditry and defend their home. Whether your characters wish to attack the bandits, trade with them or even enlist in the band, these maps and notes should prove invaluable when they decide to call round.

There is a Referee's Map showing the entire layout and 25 tile-sized portions of it for you to lay in front of your players, as battle maps for miniature use or just to show them what their characters can see. The usual customisation is possible - choice of a square or a hex grid (or none at all), presence or absence of furniture and doors, and the like - and from the Referee's Map you can choose which tile you want to print if you do not want them all at once, or want to change the customisation between different areas.

There's a page of short room descriptions which give a good overview - although the English sounds like it was run through an online translator - of what is going on in each location, and in the bandit gang as a whole. Naturally, if this doesn't suit your needs, you can substitute your own story and descriptions. You will need to create suitable statistics for the whole gang, and you may wish to add to the half-dozen or so named personalities, or amend them to fit into any ongoing storyline or to suit your own ideas.

As a focus for a short adventure, or a chance encounter, or even as something that might feature quite large in your campaign, this is a neat and well-laid-out lair to raid (or even inhabit once the bandits have been evicted if the characters so choose).

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0one's Black & White: Bandits' Trail
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