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Ultimate Toolbox
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Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
by Francisco M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/06/2009 03:35:45

I had some interest in this product since I saw a couple of good reviews at UncleBear ( and ( And being a fan of random charts and seeds for ideas, I decided to buy it.

Discarded the physical edition for having too little space for books right now, and thinking it would be more useful to have all that information in electronic format, easy to search and to reach, I bought it here, in RPGNow.

All in all, I have exactly what I was told I would find in this product. But it's pretty surprising that for 20 euros, the price of a normal book out there in RL, the only "plus" is the capability of using the search engine that every PDF reader has. No markers, no hyperlinked text, no adaptated version for reading it on a computer screen... No using all the possibilities an electronic format has. In my opinion, now that I have paid for it, 20 euros is pretty high when you have plenty of other products of random charts out there for less than 5 €.

So please, AEG and every other RPG publisher: if you are going to sell PDF version of your products, please use all the advantages the electronic format offers. Selling the PDF you sent to the printer's should be a lot more cheaper than this.

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Ultimate Toolbox
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