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What's Mine's Yours $2.99
Publisher: Unicorn Rampant Publishing
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/05/2009 04:39:36

What's Mine's Yours is a short 8 page introductory adventure for 1st level characters. This product utilises the 4e GSL gaming system, and sees the characters become involved in Guild activities in the Fort Wood area where they discover things far more sinister work than meet the eye. This adventure is also the first in a campaign/adventure path called Points of the Compass, though no material for this has been released as yet. New adventures are being planned for release over the next year or so that will guide the players through a campaign to challenge the gods.

This product comes as a single pdf file with a neat cover and overall a good presentation. Cover artwork is appealing, and presents a professional look to the product. The interior contains one piece of good artwork, and also contains several battlemap representations of each combat encounter, as well as an overland map of the area around Fort Wood. The latter has a fairly heavy grid in place, making it difficult to read the names on the map without squinting at the screen. Bordering in the product is fairly heavy, making printing a little ink intensive - a printer friendly version would've been welcome. Writing and editing is fair - in places the writing isn't too coherent and feels cumbersome. I think the product in general could've used better organisation, particularly if this is to be the start of a new campaign. Overall, a fair to good presentation if a little rough around the edges.

The adventure takes place in the town of Fort Wood, a town heavily influenced by the mining activities of the Guild. Here the PCs are approached to investigate a kobold occupation of an important mine, but soon find that things are not as they seem and the tables are turned on the PCs fairly quickly. The adventure material provides useful guidance in getting the party organised as well as leading the PCs through the various parts of the adventure. However, I think that the material is lacking in certain areas, particularly as the course of this adventure can be fairly open. A little more information on exactly what happens if the PC decide to take certain actions would've been useful. If felt like the entire section where the PCs return from the mine was rushed, and certain encounters could've use a little more exposition.

The adventure ending is also a little unsatisfying - a kind of 'too bad, you lose' scenario. While there is no way of knowing what's happening in the next adventures in this campaign, it would've been good to know, otherwise the ending is a little hollow. The adventure as much says that there's nothing the PCs can do about the ending, which doesn't make for heroic gaming or any sense of satisfaction. That said, I think the idea of the adventure has a lot of merit and I liked the concept behind this adventure. There's a lot to work with and it's not something you see in everyday adventures published making the concept fairly unique. It's the lacklustre execution that could've use a more polish to make this adventure stronger and place it on a firmer base within the scope of a campaign and as a starting adventure. I just can't see this adventure hooking players to continue with the campaign.

The adventure contains a good mix of roleplaying and combat encounters, and there is some good variety and creativity in setting up the encounters. Plenty of opportunity has been included for skill challenges, and the encounter and challenge variety is varied. Overall, the thing I liked most about the adventure was the concept, because it's something you can really get stuck into. At the same time, it wasn't the best execution, leaving a few gaps and holes in the adventure that are difficult to fill. Worth a look at if you're after something different, but at the same time it's almost best to wait and see where the next adventures lead. Fair product from Unicorn Rampant Publishing and Inverspace Press.

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What's Mine's Yours
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