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Shadowrun: Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Elbert T. Date Added: 04/02/2005 22:02:56

Having been a Shadowrun player since the game's introduction in 1989, I've certainly had a lot of exposure to what FASA threw at us gamers. I'd have to say though that RA:S was one of the more shocking plotlines to come out in a while.

First, I thought the writers did a great job of incorporating the whole 'something is really wrong here' premise through the build-up stories -- the attack on Shadowland Seattle is well-done, and the stories of the Resistance is also good stuff. However, the best (and creepiest) story was written and dictated, in a clever twist, by a survivor of initial lock-down... who is a (now blind) 11-year old boy.

For anyone who's ever played System Shock or System Shock 2, the same sort of theme resonates here... but there are some twists. Deus (the rampant AI) is recruiting and even creating Otaku (a rather ingenious idea for a character class anyway) while also pursuing other goals is clear through the narratives given in the book. The re-introduction of Dodger, Ronin and the unveiling of Magaera/Morgan are all pretty good stuff.

I'd say this is one of those suppliments that stands the test of time. While the rules have changed somewhat, that does nothing to reduce the impact of this well-done and creepy product.

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Shadowrun: Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
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