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E-Z DUNGEONS: Mechanical Traps $3.99 $2.00
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Stephen G. R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/27/2009 04:16:14

Ten pages (plus 7 pages of instructions) in PDF files. Great for just about any genre except prehistoric. You will need some manner of wall and floor combinations here. These accessories are designed for use with Fat Dragon’s E-Z Dungeons, but with a little tweaking, anything from E-Z Heroes to Dragonshire and Star Tiles walls and floors will do. I’d say these are for beginners also, except for the Circular Saws.

Flowing Acid Trap x2 A simple hole in the wall pouring acid is a lovely thing. Imagine the distance a little pressure would provide. Add it to the huge idol from Necropolis Dark Temple to give those interlopers the baptism they deserve. Where else did you think all those skeletons came from? These Flowing traps are designed to sit against existing walls, so they may be easily added when players fail their die rolls. Using the idol will require a little ingenuity.

Flowing Water Trap x2 Can’t even drink your way our – it’s salt water. With some modification, it could be made into a beautiful fountain.

Ceiling Blade Trap x1 Perfection. It lies in wait above a hallway section, like a great spider, and when sprung, someone gets a new body piercing.

Circular Saw Floor Trap (Standard and Retracting) 3 each Just what the doctor ordered for the cancer-ridden Anti-Hero to show people that life is the greatest gift of all, and the amazing lengths to which people will go to hang onto it. Want to play a game? Don’t just limit yourself to floors either – imagine how nice these would be spinning out of a wall. You’re going to want strong thick 110 card for these at least, and be careful when scoring the reverse folds.

Fire Trap ( 2” and 4”) x2 Anywhere a little light is needed. May be modified into campfires, Wall of Flame, etc. Combine with Circular Saws or either of the Blade traps for added value. You’ll want a lot of these around Necropolis, but you’ll need to alter the floors.

Floor Spike Trap x2 No need to worry about the ones who used Intelligence as a dump score – they can chew off both legs, but they ain’t walking away from this! Who said they wanted a jam sandwich?

Pit Traps 11 per sheet This page contains 2D Lava, Water, and Acid/Green Slime Pit Traps. There are one of each 1.5” trap, three 1” Lava Traps, three 1” Water Traps, and two 1” Acid/Green Slime Traps. Watch your step.

‘The Squasher’ Need a 10’cube to take some bold adventurer where none have gone before? How about TO THE CEILING! I can already hear a certain Clown Prince of Crime’s laughter as he plots to add some new bat art to his hideout. snickers Bat mobile. …Heh.

Wall Blade Trap x3 Professorial archaeologist/adventurers stopping by Petra after your sacred relics? Penitent man indeed! This baby will take them off at the waist, so even kneeling won’t keep that jaunty fedora in place.

A very versatile multi-genre accessory set, one that begs the question when we getting Organic Traps, Tom? 4 out of 5 victims. Woulda been five if the 3” wall and floor Demo were included. $3.99 52.96 MB zipped

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E-Z DUNGEONS: Mechanical Traps
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