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HOT CHICKS: The Roleplaying Game Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dakkar Unlimited
by George C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2009 22:14:20

Alright, chances are you've read the description of the concept, so you can already imagine how marvelous and horrific, steamy and brutal the world of 'Hot Chicks' is. So let's put that aside and review the rulebook:

One of the first things that strike you is an impressive, almost scary, 'realism' in every aspect of the rule system. The characters are human and vulnerable, which increases the sense of danger and excitement, yet at the same time the rules allow for crazy cinematic stunts and all sorts of mindless action! If your friends are movie buffs like me, they're in for a surprise: Uzis, infra-red sights, witchcraft, corporate conspiracies, undersea bases, sports cars, super powers, vampire demons, speed boats, jet fighters, wire-fu, combat suits, wall-running, fancy lingerie, psionic psychos, if you saw it in a movie, rest assured, you'll find it here.

The physical action is raw! Grapples, knees, bites, chokes, headbuts; if you can think of it you can do it. The rule system's intuitive and very exciting. Just grab some dice and test it, and you'll see what I mean.

What is really amazing is the flexibility of this game world, and its diverse potential for storytelling. Are you a fan of actioners full of car chases and gunfights? Conspiracy thrillers? Slashers maybe? Superhero movies? Twisted stories full of sex and horror? Anything goes! (By the way, it was a relief to notice that this game world embraces 'mature', dark erotic themes without inhibitions. Oh yeah, these Chicks are Hot! Just check the "Inner Darkness" installment) I also like the fact that even in the darkest stories, players and GMs don't have to make the game's atmosphere all serious and dramatic, if they don't want to. Instead, the game's tone can be funny, outrageous and lighthearted!

I liked the book; the illustrations are just lovely and mesmerizing. But no 'mature' stuff, just a collection of female (and male) hotties in super-cool tight outfits. Let's hope there'll be images of gruesome violence and suggestive themes in other installments! One negative aspect though was the somewhat frequent typos. You'd think such a fine product would enjoy a better quality of proofreading.

What can I say, HC isn't for everyone. If you're a company of busy adults (kids stay away, I mean it) who want to chill and have some intelligent and irreverent fun, you're in for a real treat. But if you're someone who searches for the meaning of life in RPGs, then you're better off looking somewhere else. (Our Lord's Bible would be a good start.)

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HOT CHICKS: The Roleplaying Game
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