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Heavy Gear Blitz! Black Talon - Return to Cat's Eye
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Publisher: Dream Pod 9
par Patrick S. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 05/17/2009 05:03:02

This is a very good book. The new factions, Caprice (insect-like walkers called "Mounts"), the CEF (with hovertanks and fast-hitting Frames) and the Black Talons (Elite Terra Novan guerillas), are all very neat and well described. Overall, the new rules are a nice addition.

An important section of the book is taken up by a major advance to the Heavy Gear storyline, which is mostly good except for some weird moments that seen lifted straight out of bad anime.

On of my only gripes is that the quality of the art is very uneven, and does not match the high standards set by previous Heavy Gear books.

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