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Buffy RPG Revised Corebook
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Publisher: Eden Studios
by William V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/06/2009 16:55:20

For fans (whether casual or completely mad) of the seven season long show, Eden has done an amazing job creating an easy-to-learn, fun d10-based ruleset that replicates the action-packed excitement of the programme. The text is delightful to read and entertaining in its own right and explains the mechanics in terms accessible to not only adults but children too. The core mechanic has a marked resemblance to the d20 system (i.e. die roll plus various modifiers to determine success or failure), but are thankfully less intricate. The text is sprinkled with wonderful quotes from the show and illustrated amply with images of the cast and other colourful characters which made the show a world-wide sensation. For people who crave a very detailed, tactical simulation, they may be disappointed by the BtVS RPG, as it instead promises quick-flowing play and does not deal with the combat minutiae taken up by other rulesystems, like d20. Character creation is painless and there are plenty of options to make this a favorite at your gaming table.

5/5 stars.

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Buffy RPG Revised Corebook
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