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Orpheus $14.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Adam M. Date Added: 03/06/2005 02:11:28

White Wolf made a name for itself with starytelling games that focused internally. Sure, a vampire could dominate the minds of men and women, move like lightning, and tear holes in walls with their bare hands. But they were still doomed by the rise of the Beast within them. The same pattern was followed in most of their other games, especially within the World of Darkness. Orpheus, although hypothetically set within the World of Darkness, is less about that. More important here is the external horror, for Orpheus is a ghost story about the ghosts. Fans of Wraith will see nods here and there, but even newcomers will find something to like. Orpheus is more about the external horror. Sure, your dark side can rise up and consume you and turn you into a spectre. But there are thousands of monsters outside to worry about, so the one within takes second billing. While I could laud the series for making a six book run that contained a game system, a plot, expansions, and potential to go on (and believe me, it's done very well indeed), for now I'll just harp on that first book: while the plot that the next five take is fun, it may not be everybody's cup of tea. For those people, the core book is wonderfully open-ended, setting a stage but not forcing things along like the later books do.

Read it. Enjoy it. Especially if you like horror movies, this book is wonderful. Whether you like Friday the Thirteenth or the Ring or Silent Hill, the potential will be there to do any number of the great and scary stories. Buy it. And don't look back.

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