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I am Mongoose, and so can you! $29.95 $23.96
Publisher: Mongoose
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/30/2009 09:53:58

I am Mongoose and so can you is not an insult spouted by a delusional man, but the most important book released for anyone interested in becoming apart of the Role Playing Game business. Written by Matthew Sprange of Mongoose Publishing, I am Mongoose is a straightforward business guide for the RPG Entrepreneur.

The 37-page book discusses how an individual can break into the RPG business- either working for a company or themselves. Written in an elegant, simplistic style, Sprange writes the book as if he is having a frank conversation with a son before he goes into the family business. The writing feels conversational, allowing the reader to easily take in the wealth of knowledge he is receiving. There are no frills to distract the reader, instead the reader is distributed a detailed set of information on building a business plan, expectations and goals. Starting off with an synopsis of salaries, Sprange rides the natural flow of his thoughts. The book proceeds into discussing typical RPG positions, book publishing costs and marketing ideas. There is also an inspirational story of how Mongoose Publishing began.

Sprange keeps the focus on the business of RPGs. There is no wayward art or fancy layout. This works heavily in the favor of the material. Though the style seems stream of thought, the layout flows in a thorough direction with reference points to earlier material. The only thing lacking is a bookmarks page, but I have a feeling that this book was written to be read in one setting.

For the aspiring RPG Employee Every page offers helpful advice on how to break into and start your own business. I found the entire book helpful, like a giant WIKI of what a Role-Playing company really is. One of the more surprising parts was the segment on how unviable a PDF only business really is.

The Iron Word From a distance, the RPG world seems like a difficult one to break into. But consider I Am Mongoose your initiation to get close enough to the building and look in. Though Sprange stresses the hard work involved, the detailed statistics, definitions and plans provide a thorough blueprint that considerably takes away the overwhelming aura of the RPG industry.

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I am Mongoose, and so can you!
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