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T2013- Shooter's Guide: Alternate Arms $9.99 $5.99
Publisher: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
por Robert M. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 03/08/09 13:58:59

I bought this for the Spycraft stats, admittedly, but even if it wasn't dual-statted it'd be a hell of a value. Listing technical info, a short development history and how those strange guns might have found their way into operational use, the PDF covers each weapon in a compact but quite comprehensive manner. The sheer variety of weird shooting irons to choose from makes this product ideal for idiosyncratic characters.

The only thing I'd improve would be to offer more images - what's there is perfectly adequate, but given the rather strange nature of some of these firearms, a visual aid would have been very helpful. Still, it's a steal at this price and I heartily recommend this PDF.

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T2013- Shooter's Guide: Alternate Arms
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