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King Arthur Pendragon: 5th Edition
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Publisher: Nocturnal Media
by Charles M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/18/2009 04:32:41

This is one of the most outstanding roleplaying games I've ever played.

The details on the setting are plentiful, giving you a good feeling for 5th-6th century England. There are several maps on both county and country based scale with many places of interest.

The rules are extremely streamlined, and give strong control to the GM. The initial character creation process is involved (thirty minutes for first time PC.) In addition the game's dynastic gameplay where PC deaths are replaced with new members of their bloodline is very novel and having a small personal army creates adventures of scale in this military rich world.

Unlike many systems (but in the spirit of White Wolf) all the rules you need to play the game including monsters, NPCs and sample adventures are found in this core rulebook.

This is an excellent system, creating a whole new spin on Fantasy while revisiting knights in shining armor.

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King Arthur Pendragon: 5th Edition
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