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Battlefield Evolution: World at War
Publisher: Mongoose
by Tim C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/06/2009 18:53:40

Initially I wasn't going to buy these rules but Mongoose Publishing changed all that with their Open Content license. WW2 games tend to be theatre specific, which in itself isn't bad but it does mean that you are limited to what you can or can't play until the publisher decides to release a book covering that theatre. There is a lot of content out there for WaW and it seems to be growing almost daily.

As for the rules, the fit the three critera I expect from any good game:

  • Simple core rules (although no rules for grenades?!? sigh).
  • The details are where they belong: in the army lists.
  • Use the miniatures you have: no game specific basing.

I look forward to playing these rules a lot, now if only Mongoose can get the Pacific book out soon.


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Battlefield Evolution: World at War
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