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Slipstream $29.99 $9.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Matthew B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/20/2009 09:12:53

For those who enjoy retro sci-fi, Slipstream is an absolute must. Forget hard science, technobabble or in depth examinations of the human condition. This is good old fashioned pulp sci-fi, rocketships, ray guns and robotmen. The opening chapters give a basic guide to the universe, letting the players know what to expect. Eight player character races are presented in detail, with numerous more available in simpler form, ready to be expanded upon. A simple but effective system allows for the construction of entirely new species. New Edges and Hindrances, appropriate for the setting, are introduced. These include abilities to make your Weird Scientist more effective, and several new Psionics powers. Later chapters give the GM more specific information on the setting, whilst still allowing room to add your own ideas. Various suggestions on how to maintain the proper 'pulp' style are included. This is followed by a plot point campaign, pitting the heroes against the sinister Queen Anathraxa in a series of linked episodes. Whilst most of these follow one from another, there are opportunities to go wandering off into unrelated adventures, and several such quests are presented.

Stylistically Slipstream wears it's influences openly. The main contributor is Flash Gordon, the original comic strips and Saturday morning serials, and the 1980 movie. If your players don't get the reference to 'War Rocket Achilles', or smile with recognition at the line "Dive my bird men!" then something is wrong! There are other, similar, influences, such as my personal favourite, the Valkyrians, a race of warrior women based heavily on Sybil Danning's role in 'Battle Beyond The Stars'.

In summary: Liked. Great setting. Well thought out setting specific rules. Good campaign. Well presented, with some good artwork through out.

Disliked. Some maps and floorplans are missing from the pdf. version. There are misprints in the stats of a couple of ships and characters. (Neither of these is a major problem, as the information is available at the PEG website).

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