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Battlemaps: Floorplans, Inn Vol I
Publisher: 0one Games
by Daryl P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/13/2009 18:45:10

While everything contained in the PDF looks rather nice itself, even when printed, there are major issues with this product. Bewarned: Do not buy this with the intention of printing it!

Firstly (and very importantly), the images in the document go clear to the edges of the pages. Printers cannot and do not have the ability to print the ENTIRE coverage of the page. When your printer enforces margins, things from this will get messed up. Other products I've seen have done this much better by having lots of white space around the edges of each page to be trimmed after printing.

Secondly, the file is not a complete inn! It gives you a few of the rooms to it that each stand on their own, but they do not combine or line up at all. The kitchen and the brewery, for example, which are meant to be adjacent, simply cannot be placed next to each other and work without a lot of fiddling, by which time it looks bad.

If you buy this expecting to have a whole inn at your disposal to print, mount or tape together, and play on, you (like I) will be sorely disappointed. The second floor in particular is lacking: only four small rooms of the entire floor are provided, with the rest left to do on your own.

[2 of 5 Stars!]