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Publisher: Columbia Games Inc.
by Shawn B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/29/2008 23:29:27

Although this product is best suited for use in games using the HarnMaster system, it's value is not limited to such. Cost aside (meaning, FREE), I've found Harn products by Columbia Games to be top notch in overall quality, presentation/format, and utility. So, imagine my elation on finding Columbia Games celebrating the various holiday seasons with free supplements!

Harn by its nature is a low-fantasy setting, meaning it's not replete with godlings, dragons under every rock and vorpal swords in every broom closet. CGI and the various authors who write for the Harn setting strive to present as "realistic" a setting as possible but not at the cost of the staple of roleplyaing. This article seeks to maintain this format.

Thus, I find "Grave-Wights" to be something you would find from an encyclopedia (harkening back to the old Encyclopedia Harnica days), with game stats and rules mechanics efficiently blocked for presentation, but not drowning out flavor text. Being a jaded gamer, I never hesitate to convert stats to equivalents for other systems I might use. CGI leaves the history/origins of grave-wights up to individual referees to decide. Artwork by the Harn regular Richard Luscheck is spot on, as usual (although seeing a female grave-wight is not as appealing as nubile female adherent to Halea! :) ), and even includes color!

So...the short of it, I say "Thumbs Up!" Looking forward to more!

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