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Ancients Set [BUNDLE] $21.00 $18.90
Publisher: Arion Games
by Peter S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2008 22:51:11

This bundle includes ll the sets you need to create a Historical Ancients RPG. You can create either Alexanders mighty Forces, Legions of Julius Ceasar, or even recreate the Trojan Wars or other Greek mythological heroes. It's also possible to recreate Egyptian mythology and other biblical stories such as Moses and the parting of the red sea. The art work is also exceptional in my opinion and you can reprint hundreds of armies on card stock in a much shorter time than trying to paint and purchase hundreds of metal miniatures. Somehow these minis even look better than painted metal when using other 3d card stock models for background scenery.

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Ancients Set [BUNDLE]
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