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Monsters Lairs vol. 1 - Goblins' Caves
Publisher: The Forge Studios
by John T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2008 15:04:47

--== What I Liked ==-- The hooks and cave content descriptions are the best part of the product. They are pretty imaginative and can be adapted to fit most campaign worlds very easy. For my post apocalyptic fantasy game it fits almost perfectly.

The maps are very artistic and have a sort of rustic flair. Speaking of the maps...

--== What I Do NOT Like ==-- By far the biggest issue with the product are the maps. There are really two big issues.

The map complex map is presented at the end of the module. It is split on 4 pages in an uneven fashion, there is no scale, it is not clear, and rooms are not marked at all. It is literally a process of examining the room maps and text to try and figure out where they belong on the main complex map. Since the map is not clear it is not easy. In fact this map is so unclear that I am contemplating having to remake it for my game.

The room sized maps look neat but there is no scale or delineation of the various objects at all. "How big is this cave?" "Where is the slit that has the basilisk?"

My only other complaints are not as serious. I would have like to see more detail on the chief and shaman. More information on their preferred method of attack and their personalities would have be good. I also wanted to see a bit more content. Maybe a few more unique rooms??? There are not that many unique areas to the caves.

--== Summary ==-- Fine if you need some added content for your game. The price point of $8 is right on the is not worth much more.

[3 of 5 Stars!]