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Dark Colony (WW2212)
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Publisher: White Wolf
by Mike A. Date Added: 01/26/2005 16:24:37

Now, we have to give Dark Colony a bit of credit, it did get the whole New England spookiness down correctly. But other than that, the book seems like a mess.

Dark Colony is the first and only region book for Vampire: the Masquerade, attempting to portray the densely populated north-east. In some ways, this makes sense, the region's cities and states rely heavily upon eachother for interaction. However, the writers obviously bit off more than they could chew. The book is spread thin by trying to cover three hundred years of history, far too many important locations and four different sects/factions. In addition, they threw in a mini-story to introduce characters to the game and/or setting.

The art in this book is terrible. While the cover may look decent, everything within has a serious problem. The character portraits look like doodles, and the half page banners look like something from a five year old's art class. Its pathetic.

But, like any White-Wolf book, there are a few high-points. The book has excellent flow-charts showing the relationships and thoughts between key characters and factions. The plothooks given in the book are decent, but any storyteller putting in some effort could come up with a better story. Some of the NPC's are actually very good. I use the one named Biltmore them in my France chronicle, and may throw in another.

Overall, its your basic Pre-revised vampire book. It may give you some good ideas, but you'll need to modify it quite a bit to make the setting useful. People that live in New England may want to pick this up, just for kicks.

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Dark Colony (WW2212)
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