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Wormskin Issue 4 $5.99
Publisher: Necrotic Gnome
by Sophia B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/26/2017 02:02:59

Excellent artwork and maps. But the font size got smaller and thus this issue is harder to read.

We get a treatment about a half mule cruel demigod. Plus, a rumor table and a mini-dungeon/location. There are also some hooks for the players and some trivia. This could make a nice gaming session. The authors certainly provide you with enough material to kick off.

I welcome the article about the fickleness of fey magic items. There are 12 complications, e.g. the item stops working when it is exposed to birdsong.

The authors included a section about Lesser Stones of Dolmenwood with a d30 table to roll on. Yay, tables! The stones have alluring features, e.g.:

Fine, Drunic script surrounding High Elvish runes (the latter of much greater antiquity). The runes possess the power to 1. warp time, such that the full moon will occur this night; 2. summon a flock of ghost crows (see Wormskin issue three) to do the invoker's bidding; 3. bring about extreme, unseasonal weather in a mile radius for 24 hours. The power of the runes has been tapped such that only one versed in Drunic ritual may command it.

The rest of the issue concerns itself with the second part of the Ruined Abbey of St. Clewd. The authors did a splendid job with the adventure's layout. Every location gets a mini-map, so you don't have to flip around in the book/PDF.

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Wormskin Issue 4
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