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Breakfast Cult $14.95
Publisher: Liberi Gothica Games
by William P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/17/2017 19:12:36

Do you enjoy video game franchises like Persona, or Danganronpa? To generic it up a bit, how about teenagers getting into trouble? Occult mysteries? Weird science? Techno magic-with-a-k? Good! Now put all those things into a blender and pouring out the deliciousness that is the Breakfast Cult RPG. Running on the Fate Accelerated engine, BC lets you tell the stories of teenagers with bizarre and poorly understood powers and then watch as they get in way over their heads. FAE is a very flexible system, and works well with Breakfast Cult as you can have characters ranging from occult wunderkind to semi-retired magical girls to Death Note simulacrums. The more inventive and weird you can make your characters, the better, and Fate Accelerated can back you up. The art is also wonderful, a manga-esque style that really helps with the Lovecraft/John Hughes love child tone that I feel is the game's sweet spot.

Even trimmed down from FATE's original form, Accelerated is a bit of a stumbling block for me as I always trip up on the bit where you need short, punchy phrases that work as a character's Aspects. Examples really, really help and some developers I think forget that we are all not as blessed as they when it comes to a descriptive and double-edged phrase for a character. Paul has come to the rescue of those me who struggle with such things with no less than twenty example characters who can do double duty as allies and antagonists or pregen PCs. Best of all, all twenty of them are great with example Aspects to inspire or reskin at your leisure but are just great examples of the type of characters to be found at home in the setting. I'd play them all. (Particularly hoops bamming enthusiast Addison Waite.)

If any of the things the game references appeals to you at all, I urge you to pick the book up. Even if you don't play it, it's a great read and worth your time and money.

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Breakfast Cult
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