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T4 First Survey
Publisher: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
by Richard C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/14/2007 02:10:18

This book is good for the referee who wishes to run any campaign in charted space. System data, UWP and information about various sectors of the galaxy provide color to what would normally be ,any days of system creation just for known space. If the referee wanted to invent new sectors outside of the limits of space, the book could be usefu, too. All the player needs to do is roll a modifying number for each one of the world numbers that are not listed and then the full full details are reached.Not only does this system cover the rules for world creation in T4, but it also covers the time-tested method used in Classic Traveller for creating a UWP and detailing the surface of a planet. Since this book is a survey of all known space, from the Vland Imperium to the Spunward Marches and beyond, it value as a resource is invaluable. I recommend this book to referees who are serious about realistic world creation and are not afraid to through a few dice per planet in the subsector where the game is being held.

Lazy referees should steer clear of this one because is a more serious type of work.

[5 of 5 Stars!]