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101 Fantasy Riddles $4.95 $3.95
Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by dan w. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/11/2016 23:42:04

I bought both 1 and 2, they werent expensive so im not going to complain, but ive also gotten the netbook of riddles which are free, i didnt see anything new or relavent in these, i know the author took time to organize them, but most werent worth it, just browse the free netbooks.

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Creator Reply:
Well these book is filled mostly all new riddles written originally by me. (With exception of a few oldies, but goodies.) If they are not knew to you, then somebody stole my work and if giving it to you for free. --------- just great.) And you probably gave the thieves a 5 star rating, awhile leaving me a one. Thanks ;(
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101 Fantasy Riddles
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