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Bag Full of Guns: This Is My Rifle
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Teos A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/04/2007 11:33:03

The first Bag Full of Guns supplement, it does focus on rifles, but also includes a shotgun and grenade launcher. The weapon quality Modular is introduced, and reflects how many of the weapons can switch between upgrades (each switch is a separate stat line for the weapon - a very cool idea!). The upgrade "Airburst System" is introduced for grenades, as well as the ammo type, providing a more lethal alternative for those wanting to use grenade launchers more often.

Brief descriptions are provided for each weapon, adding more color and history to the weapon choices.

Overall, the weapons are well designed and will be of good use for players looking for assault rifle/shotgun/grenade options, as well as for GMs that want to introduce a few new toys.

The content is not completely indispensable, but at the price it is an excellent buy.

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Bag Full of Guns: This Is My Rifle
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