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Bag Full of Guns: Red Heat
$1.75 $1.40
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Teos A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/04/2007 11:25:12

This Bag Full of Guns supplement contains a wider variety of weapon types, including pistols/revolver, SMG, rifles, and a ballistic knife. In addition, the Soviet flavor adds some regional utility for certain missions, NPCs, and PCs.

The new "Submersible" quality is introduced, and several of the weapons are designed for special applications (many are silenced).

For the price, this is an excellent purchase for someone who wants to introduce Soviet weaponry or is looking for special application weapons or for a player that is looking to flesh out a Soviet or Eastern European character. For anyone else it is still a very good purchase.

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Bag Full of Guns: Red Heat
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