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Mysteries of the Gods (5E) $2.95 $2.00
Publisher: Tribality Publishing
by Timothy B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/30/2016 18:32:13

This is exactly the type of supplement I'd like to see more of in support of 5e. The cleric is such a versatile class, and Brandes Stoddard has really demonstrated this through these cool yet unusual domains. The spells are both flavorful and well balanced. This last point is crucial, as it's easy for a supplement like this to be forbidden at the table by DMs if the spells introduced are overpowered. I wouldn't have a problem allowing this supplement in my game. I also like that the new spells are explicitly mentioned as being appropriate for other classes (bard, druid, paladin, or warlock).

I'm happy to see Tribality continue to produce such great supplements, and look forward to future installments.

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