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Skyscrapers & Sorcery White Box Rules Pay What You Want
Publisher: Sleeping Griffon Productions
by Steven W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/20/2016 16:18:01

I really enjoyed this product, but felt it could have used just a bit more to really make it sparkle.

The game system is based on White Box Sword & Sorcery (i.e. old D&D), but the addition of a career system to flesh out the PC's background (instead of a skill system) is a really neat idea.

The game setting is post-small-apocalypse late 20th century Earth, with monsters and magic coming back in the hidden and secret places. Another really interesting idea.

Overall, I loved what was here, but felt that a little more could have made this a better product. For instance, I felt that a small (2-3 page) write up of adventure or campaign ideas could have really helped nail down the tone of the game. Similarly, I think a small section of new and unique magic items - mixing the campaign magic with the technology of the unique setting - could have helped provide a great deal of color. Admittedly, these are all things an experienced DM can think up themselves, but I always like to see the game's writer develop this kind of material.

Still, four stars and I really hope Mr Hunter and Sleeping Griffon Productions produce more material for this game.

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Skyscrapers & Sorcery White Box Rules
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