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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Adrian K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/18/2016 22:11:00

Where to start here? So this particular book is half second edition core book and half repackaging of the New World of Darkness supplement The God-Machine Chronicle. The first half of the books presents the rules system and adds some perspective for new storytellers. It also presents some new play ideas that may help distinguish Chronicles of Darkness from Classic World of Darkness and hopefully keep it unique from the upcoming One World of Darkness. It's straight forward and isn't bogged down with terminology and strict mechanics. The second half of the book is an edit of the original product. Some of the fiction is lost from the original supplement, however new fiction is added in this book. Other missing parts consist of the "rating system" discussed in the GMC and the rules sections are also edited out, having been covered and rewritten in the first part of the book. Finally the last batch of pages consist of equipment and condition charts alongside their descriptions, this is a nice touch. As for the art most of it is recycled from the God-Machine chronicle and some classic pieces from the World of Darkness 1st Edition rule book alongside some from Armory. All and all those pieces seem iconic to the cores and work very well in this new edition. Chronicles of Darkness isn't a revolutionary new book, but it sure does it's job explaining the system and surpasses the previous core book by not only including the rules for spirits and ghosts it adds the rules of Horrors (monster of the week style badies) and reprints the rules for Angels.

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Chronicles of Darkness
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